How do you manage postoperative chylothorax?

Complicaciones Postoperatorias
Chylothorax is one of the complications I considered the most fearful. Patients having this PO complication deteriorate so quickly that when you start considering reoperation might be too late. It’s not the same a chylothorax after esophageal surgery than after lung surgery. Prior publications have shown that chylothorax after lung surgery is more likely to seal by itself. However, we’ll refer here only to the basics and some ideas that are common to both PO. You usually suspect chylothorax when after POD#1 or 2 the chest tube output is more than you expected. Let’s say you did a lobectomy + MLND and CT output is 1200 cc on POD#1. That should give a suspicion clue. Esophageal cases can drain that much on POD#1, 2 or even 3, especially when the…
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