Should medical institutions be led by physicians?

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At the beginning of my training, I used to believe that medical organizations should be led by physicians, but is this the right thing? I still believe this; however, I understand now that the physician led organization model might not be right all the times or in all places. Actually, only a few hospitals have physicians as leaders and have managers instead. The lack of interest of many physicians to become involved in administration, the deficit in administrative and financial knowledge of many, along with the need to obtain short term financial results better served by an administrative leader,  left many health care organizations to be led by administrators. Not to mention something that we all have heard at least once:  “I’m here for the important things; I must go to the OR”.…
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Small Central Ground Glass Opacity: how do you proceed?

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What do you do with a case like this? It’s a 65 year, smoking history of 20 cigarettes a day for 30 years, that got a CT scan for other reason and a GGO spot was found in the left upper lobe. The nodule was sized in 1 cm and the doctor that saw the patient ordered a PET-CT that showed SUV of 5. Nothing lighted up in the mediastinum or elsewhere. Bronchoscopy was normal. FEV1 is 1.35 liters (50%) and DLCO 65%. He hasn’t any other significant health issue. The patient is not very anxious about this finding and he wants to know your suggestion. What are the options? I guess you might try to stick a needle on it, but your radiologist should be very skilful to target…
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